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What is Ellev8?

Ellev8 is a focused educational platform designed to teach effective trading strategies in Forex and Crypto. Our mission is simple: to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the financial markets confidently. With a world in constant economic flux, Ellev8 offers a clear path to financial literacy and trading Mastery

Your Pathway to Financial Empowerment

Key Highlights

What puts Ellev8 above the rest?

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Founded by the visionary Mr. Holton Buggs, Ellev8 benefits from his exceptional leadership and expertise

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Dedicated Educators

Our educators are not just teachers but active, profitable traders. Their real-world experience ensures that our teaching is practical, up-to-date and impactful

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Inclusive Community

Ellev8 is more than an educational platform, it’s a community that values diversity and multilingual learning, encouraging connection and growth among members

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Teaches your Financial Literacy

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On-Demand access

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Members-only Community

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30 Live classes every week

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40 Years of combined trading experience

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Easy-to-use platform

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50 Hours of video every week

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Forum chat with the community

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Analysis of trades by experts

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Self-Paced Courses

Joining Ellev8

Ellev8’s community grows through a referral system where members join via personal recommendations. When registering, kindly credit your referrer by entering their TSA number of username.

If you don’t have a referral or I am the person introducing you to Ellev8, here is my TSA Number:


G-Money’s TSA Number

It’s important to note that utilizing my referral grants no exclusive benefits; every Ellev8 student enjoys the same comprehensive access to our educational materials. We appreciate your support. Thank You.

Steps to Join Ellev8
  1. Visit Ellev8: Go to Ellev8’s website: https://ellev8.com
  2. Get Started: Click on the “Get Started” button on the Ellev8 site. You’ll be redirected to the “Powered by iGo” sign-up page.
  3. Referral Verification: Enter your referral’s TSA number or username during this step. Then provide your personal details and create a password.
  4. Select your Enrollment Option:
    • First-Time Customers: Add “ELLEV8 Customer Enrollment” to your cart
    • Returning Customers: Select the subscription option
  5. Complete your Payment: This is a subscription to a monthly educational service. Finalize your enrollment by completing the payment process.

Once your enrollment is complete, proceed to the onboarding checklist below to start your journey with Ellev8. 👇

Onboarding Checklist

G-Money’s Ellev8 Onboarding Checklist is still under construction – More Detail will be added soon