The G-Money Vault

A resource site dedicated to introducing you to the trading world.

The all-in-one guidance tool for trading

The G-Money Vault

A resource site dedicated to introducing you to the trading world

📘 FX 101

A Beginner’s introduction to financial markets and Forex Fundamentals

🎓 Course

An outline of my comprehensive course, with full access available through Ellev8

🐈‍⬛ ETM (Enter the Matrix)

A unique trading concept focusing on supply and demand, inspired by the Matrix theme

📚 Resources

A collection of various reading materials and notes I’ve compiled over time

About G-money

Gerardo “G-Money” Paez

Professional Day trader from Dallas, Texas

🖼️ Background

I am a professional day trader based in Dallas, TX, with a focus on the forex markets. Day trading is primarily about multiplying your own money independently, instead of relying on banks or other agencies. With over 10,000 hours in chart analysis, backtesting, and live trading, my journey has empowered me to consistently increase my capital. This expertise has enabled me to earn a full-time income solely through trading.

In addition to personal trading, I collaborate with Ellev8, a trading education company focused on empowering individuals on their trading journey. Ellev8 provides educational services and learning opportunities in both forex and crypto trading. This platform is designed for those who are committed to mastering the art of trading and achieving excellence in these dynamic financial markets.

The future is about working smart. If you’re interested in this concept, I’m here to help you get started and share the strategies that have worked for me.

💼 Professional Profile
  • Full-time trading professional 
  • Founding educator at Ellev8 and Head of Forex Education
  • Multilingual Online Education: Conducting classes in both English and Spanish, reaching a wide, global audience through the Ellev8 platform.
  • International Coaching Experience: Privileged to coach in six countries including the Bahamas, Dubai, Mexico, the USA, the Czech Republic, and New Zealand. This international exposure has deepened my connection with a diverse student base, and their success stories are a testament to the transformative power of our educational approach.
🚀 Mission

I am committed to teaching you the necessary skills to independently understand charts and make informed decisions. My goal is to empower you with the capability to generate profits through trading.

Have questions, or just want a chat? Contact me here →

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